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It's Your Day. Live It - Stress-Free!

Dreamflyer and friends!

Welcome to our fleet!

Now with one of the most beautiful limousines in the area, we build your transportation plan,  follow it up to and during your special day!

Driven by professional drivers,  our "heroes", you can get to your destination in safety and comfort.

Our team of retired veteran Winnipeg Police officers and military heroes will get you there.

We will whisk you from Winnipeg to anywhere you would like. Specially built with your comfort in mind, enjoy the travel in style with a modern fleet, including leather recliners, big screen and sound systems that makes your boutique trip special with friends and family.

There is really no other model you could enjoy to get you  and your friends to your favorite travel destination- in style.


Escalade3-18 pax.JPG
Your Dream

Lagace Tours are transportation planners. Very much like a wedding planner, you become our client as we work with you to find all your transportation solutions for the most important day of your lives. We interview, come up with the plan for your review and work closely with you on your plan. We then execute the transportation while you focus on your wedding. We have every type of fleet to include our Tesla, SUVs, limousines, luxury transits and buses.


Call once and get all your transportation solutions done.

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