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Welcome to our fleet!

Now with one of the most beautiful limousines in the area, we build your transportation plan,  follow it up to and during your special day!

Driven by professional drivers,  our "heroes", you can get to your destination in safety and comfort.

Our team of retired veteran Winnipeg Police officers and military heroes will get you there.

We will whisk you from Winnipeg to anywhere you would like. Specially built with your comfort in mind, enjoy the travel in style with a modern fleet, including leather recliners, big screen and sound systems that makes your boutique trip special with friends and family.

There is really no other model you could enjoy to get you  and your friends to your favorite travel destination- in style.


Golfing,  Sight Seeing, Travelling, Sporting


Being so close to large bodies of water provides ample opportunity to enjoy nature. A few hours east provides the Canadian Shield. All in great comfort and personalized care.


There's never a dull moment in Manitoba. With an infinite variety of things to do, you'll run out of time long before you exhaust the possibilities.


Along with superior golf courses, enjoy the marinas and fishing.


Whether you're feeling wildly adventurous or cautiously curious, you're sure to find things to do for everyone in Manitoba.

Also licensed to go beyond borders, let us do the driving to get you to great shopping, sports and gaming.

Looking for  road trip? We would love to be a part of your journey and get you there.

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Looking for that day trip? We can make it happen.


Looking for that get-away? We have partnered up with great resorts in Manitoba, Northwest Ontario, Minnesota and North Dakota.

Expect to be shopping for great deals, waiting for the game to start or even golfing in Texas. We can provide you with the experience you want with friends and family.